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Your machines get dirty. They work in rugged outdoor environments like construction sites, mines, forests and fields. Filters ensure the dirt and debris around your equipment doesn’t enter the fuel, oil, air supply, 液压或传动. 当这些内部组件保持清洁, 你的设备将更有效地运行, more relaibly and longer.

Top-quality filters provide consistent performance and lasting protection to help keep your valuable equipment running strong. We here at Warren CAT provide a full range of exceptional Cat equipment and services in West Texas and Oklahoma. We sell various filters, including Cat fuel, air, oil, hydraulic and transmission filters. Get filters for any equipment you operate and keep your fleet in top condition. 无论你是更换原装过滤器还是“非品牌”产品, 我们的零件专家可以很容易地得到你所需要的.



其他过滤器可能也非常适合, 但只有真正的Cat过滤器被设计出来, 完全按照您的Cat机器的规格制造和测试. These original equipment manufacturer parts were built with your Cat equipment in mind, 这意味着它们提供了出色的性能优势. Our quality filters optimize performance, allowing you to do more work faster. 它们还通过减少杂散污垢颗粒的磨损来延长发动机寿命.

We carry an extensive parts inventory, and you can save time by buying online. We have most filters in stock, meaning our team can fulfill most orders within 24 hours. You can get many filter types from us:

Cat Oil Filters

华伦猫提供标准, advanced and ultra high-efficiency (UHE) filters to protect engines from harmful contaminants. Cat机油滤清器最大限度地提高发动机和机油的清洁度, exceed standard maintenance intervals and increase performance while protecting components.

  • Cat标准效率机油滤清器: Normal duty filtration, available for all Cat and many Allied equipment models.
  • Cat先进高效机油滤清器: 设计用于更严格的燃料污染挑战, 提供先进的保护, 性能和燃油经济性.

Cat Fuel Filters

Cat fuel filters are essential for preventing oil clogging and keeping out harmful workplace debris such as dirt, dust and rust. 华伦猫提供标准, advanced and UHE filters designed to keep fuel flowing properly and engines performing to their full potential. 卡特燃油滤清器为卡特设备提供了完美的配套, capture small damage-causing particles that other filters miss and protect fuel injectors, 燃油泵和发动机关键部件.

  • Cat标准效率发动机燃油滤清器: Normal duty filtration, available for all Cat and many Allied equipment models.
  • Cat先进高效燃油滤清器: Engineered for maximum 性能和燃油经济性 in diesel engines while removing more than 98 percent of particles 4 microns or larger.
  • Cat燃油水分离器: 去除98%以上的10微米或更大的颗粒, eliminating virtually all free water and more than 87 percent of emulsified water while reducing fuel injector failure rates and extending fuel injector life.
  • 猫冷却剂过滤器: 全年防止腐蚀、空化和侵蚀.

Cat Air Filters

We carry both Cat engine and cabin air filters to protect machines and the people who operate them from hazardous contaminants. Our OEM engine air filters provide the highest level of protection for critical engine parts while boosting performance. 真正的猫空气过滤器消除大多数空气中的刺激物, providing a healthier and safer working environment for operators while maximizing component life and engine performance.

  • Cat标准效率径向密封空气过滤器: Normal duty filtration, designed for larger capacity and longer service life.
  • Cat超高效径向密封空气过滤器: Engineered with super-fast efficiency rate to protect against sharp abrasive particles and ideal for applications where fine dust particles or high amounts of exhaust soot are prevalent.


Warren CAT has the expertise to match the right filter to your specific hydraulic and transmission system. We carry standard, advanced and UHE filters to meet the needs of diverse applications. Cat液压和传动过滤器最大限度地提高系统清洁度, 通过尽量减少冷启动旁路来保护传输, capture particles that damage hydraulics and boost overall power and performance.

  • Cat标准效率液压和传动过滤器: 这些过滤器提供正常的过滤功能.
  • Cat先进的高效液压和传动过滤器: This category provides advanced protection against contaminant introduction during maintenance or repair and protects hydraulic and drive train systems against accelerated wear.
  • Cat超高效液压和传动过滤器: Engineered super-fine synthetic media removes a higher proportion of very small and larger particles for optimum contamination control.


我们不仅仅是零件供应商. Warren CAT offers sales, rentalsparts and services,使我们成为您重型设备需求的一体化来源. We’ll assess your requirements to ensure you get the right filtration and lubrication efficiency, 使您的设备能够完成工作. We also provide maintenance programs to assist you in managing tasks like filter replacements. Customize a Planned Maintenance (PM) Kit based on your fleet and desired maintenance level and 接收所有必要的组件 一个方便的包装.


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作为授权的Cat经销商, we also have the backing of a respected manufacturer offering additional benefits like equipment with more uptime, 提高效率,增加盈利能力.


Pick up an air, oil, hydraulic, transmission or fuel filter for a Cat machine or power system from Warren CAT in West Texas and Oklahoma. Browse to purchase or stop by the nearest location for assistance from our product experts.